Sunday, March 27, 2011

 11. yellow...I sharpened it..
 8. retro..I put a rustic tint on it..
 39. Tiny...i sharpened it
 23. red...i sharpened then i put a focal blur around the stop sign
 28. animals...
 38. water...i sharpened it
 3. Bridge..
 37. tree... i saturated it
 24. grass.. i brightened it
 2. pink...i brightened and sharpened it
 22. paint...i made it black and white
25. blue...i saturated

Friday, March 18, 2011

more stuff

 27. after...i made it black and get on the bus after school.
 5. body part...i cropped it and made it black and white.
 13. looks really cold..i saturated and then darkened it
 33. color....i heavily saturated it
 9. excitement..i winterized it on prom dress makes me excited for prom
 18. father...D for Dad..i cropped and saturated
 34. friend...i made a black boarder...these cows were really close they must have been friends
 26. gathering..i cropped saturated and sharpened it...people gather at the gate very friday night
 10. growth...i made it black and looks like her legs are really long
 7. home..i saturated it...the horizon reminds me of iowa and my home
 25. laughter...i cropped and saturated...we laughed alot in cheerleading
 19. light..i made it rustic and saturate it
 38. movement...i saturated...the water is moving
 1. newness...i cropped and made it black and white...its and old pick up and it is the opposite or new

 protrait of luke looking confused!
 erin painting
 31. smiles...made her look like a vampire...she looks crabby and needs to smile
 12. spirit...i winterized and brightened reminds me of christmas spirit
 17. swing...i made around the swing black and white
 21. time...i saturated and brightened it...keep time of football
 24. tools..i saturated and brighten...these look like tools
 8. underneath...i made it rustic...the dress is under a layer of tool
 16. up..saturated.. and its looking up
35. work...saturated.. billy shoveling

Monday, January 31, 2011

--> Fourty Words

 32. This is my eye. It was the first thing I thought of.
 40. A letter decoration.
 39. This is a decoration I found. That says memories.
 22. This is cinnamon. When I hear the word spice I think of cinnamon.
 11. This is a willow tree angel. My mom collects these and when she had a miscarriage her friend April Monen sent this to her.
 14. This is a spring from a rebounder.
 28. This is a fake plant from your room. I liked the colors and texture of the leaves.
 3. These and some decorations I found in your room. and I like the colors and textures.
 40. An other letter decoration.
 20. This is a decoration i saw that had a family saying on it.
 15. The first thing I thought of when I saw fool was April fools day.
36. Faith