Sunday, March 27, 2011

 11. yellow...I sharpened it..
 8. retro..I put a rustic tint on it..
 39. Tiny...i sharpened it
 23. red...i sharpened then i put a focal blur around the stop sign
 28. animals...
 38. water...i sharpened it
 3. Bridge..
 37. tree... i saturated it
 24. grass.. i brightened it
 2. pink...i brightened and sharpened it
 22. paint...i made it black and white
25. blue...i saturated

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for posting this week. Watch for extra junk in your picture space. I am grading this time, really watching for that. I need you to make your pictures larger either by dragging the corners of the photo or choosing large or extra large whichever fits your layout best. Also, I need you to write a better discription AND you need to tell me more about editing, which program and which tools. I gave you only half of the points for week one 25/50. Your pictures are fine, you just need to meet all the requirements of the assignment.