Monday, January 31, 2011

--> Fourty Words

 32. This is my eye. It was the first thing I thought of.
 40. A letter decoration.
 39. This is a decoration I found. That says memories.
 22. This is cinnamon. When I hear the word spice I think of cinnamon.
 11. This is a willow tree angel. My mom collects these and when she had a miscarriage her friend April Monen sent this to her.
 14. This is a spring from a rebounder.
 28. This is a fake plant from your room. I liked the colors and texture of the leaves.
 3. These and some decorations I found in your room. and I like the colors and textures.
 40. An other letter decoration.
 20. This is a decoration i saw that had a family saying on it.
 15. The first thing I thought of when I saw fool was April fools day.
36. Faith

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  1. Could you please write under each picture what edits you did to each. Which program and which edits? Also, please click on each picture and choose large or extra large. We did that the day you were absent. Also, if you go to my "picture this" site, under my post, you will see 3 small square photos, and underneath it, it says "linkwithin". Click on that word and do what it says to install that feature on your blog. Adding that feature, describing your edits, and enlarging the photos will get you some points that you will want to have.